A device to secure and optimize TransHeart Valve (THV) & Percutaneous Coronary Interventions (PCI)

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How does it work?

A disruptive technology.

Mechanical Device for simplified cardiac procedures

  • Patents pending
  • Class II device

Provides Temporary Pacing without Pace Maker

  • During THV (TAVI, TMVR, TTVR)
  • During complex PCI (Rotablator, STEMI)

Plug on usual interventions devices

  • Usual introducers

Without Electoducer

Using Electoducer

Why is it better using Electroducer?

Value proposition.


  • Procedural Time reduce by more than 10%
  • Skip 1 procedural step


  • Eleminate temporary PM complications (Morbidity reduction)
  • X-Ray exposure reduction

Cost Effective

  • direct costs (PM lead + venous introducer)
  • indirect costs (cathlab & hospital time, complications)


  • No change in operators habits

A technique

Rapid Pacing using Left Ventricular Guidewire. (click on green words to read more information)


Procedural time reduction

Costs reduction


Same efficacy as temporary pacing lead


No complication related to Right Ventricular pacing lead



Executive Business Board Member
  • 30y. work experience in large international companies and startups
  • Went from product innovation to startup creation and ww launch in USA and ASIA
  • Co-founder and president of UShareSoft SAS and Moonshot Labs
  • Board member of several startups

Dr Benjamin FAURIE

CEO & Founder
  • KOL Interventionnal Cardiologist
  • Founder International Meetings (Radialpes & JIF CTO)
  • Consultant & Proctor for CV Cies
  • Scientific board member of Incathlab (1st web cardiovascular channel); Lives cases
  • Registries & RCT PI


Business Board Member
  • 18y. work experience in large international companies (J&J, Abbott, Boston) and startups (Volcano, Stentys, Mitraglin)
  • From sales to marketing positions and international level
  • Opsens Board member

Pr Marie-Claude MORICE

Scientific Board Member
  • WW Renowned Interventionnal Cardiologist
  • > 350 Publications
  • CEO of European Center of CV Research (CERC)


Scientific Board Member
  • KOL Interventionnal Cardiologist
  • Founder of several meetings & companies in CV field
  • CEO of Incathlab

Dr Philippe GENEREUX

Scientific Board Member
  • KOL Interventionnal Cardiologist
  • > 300 Publications
  • Co-author of valvular diseases guidelines
  • CMO & consultant of several CV Cies
  • PI of 3 RCT
  • Member of Cardiovascular Research Foundation

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